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An effective team requires a collective identity, purpose, vision, goals, structure, operating system and culture.

The creation, internal and external alignment and practical application of these features to build a motivated and effective team that produces and sustains results are the focus of team coaching by Planned Ascent.

Some of the challenges we support clients to meet include:

  • Create a clearer and shared understanding of your team's remit and goals
  • Strengthen the team leadership capabilities of your middle management
  • Develop functional teams capable of  rigorous and agile implementation of business plans
  • Align team culture to the expectations of stakeholders to accelerate commercial performance
  • Refine team organisation, systems and processes to increase productivity
  • Develop shared recognition and understanding of team members' personal styles and preferences to increase effective collaboration
  • Equip teams to seek and embrace diversity in order to create new perspectives and closer alignment with evolving business needs


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What To Expect From Team Coaching

Our approach is tailor-made to your team’s context, needs and preferences as well as those of the business and stakeholders it serves, and is built upon our unique Growth Mapping framework.

This considers your team as a whole and captures the unique insights and perspectives of its members and stakeholders from the outset. We then integrate these with our observations which are further enriched by predictive profiling of individuals, teams and pivotal relationships.

The combination of these various inputs can create quick wins that accelerate progress and immediately enhance performance. The output is a practical, workable plan that we all believe will meet your requirements and deliver the return on investment you rightly expect from our work together.

Team coaching will put most emphasis on working with the team as a group to develop its collective awareness, understanding and capability. This may be enhanced by working with individual members and other stakeholders on specific areas of activity or performance, where appropriate.

Our work together will involve a blend of scheduled sessions and interim contact, and will demand that the team commits time outside of the coaching to progress the strategies and plans that flow from it.

We typically work with senior leadership teams and their intended future successors.


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The Benefits Of Team Coaching

Team coaching will enrich your team’s awareness and understanding of itself and very importantly, how best it can leverage its diversity and mitigate its weaknesses to deliver the results expected of it.

Shaping and developing an effective team that delivers results will produce individual and collective growth. Experiencing this growth together can be highly rewarding for you and all those involved. Furthermore, it will generate rich insights that will benefit team members in many aspects of their personal and professional lives.

It will also equip your team members to share the insights that generated these results with other teams they are involved with. This will further increase their learning and your return on investment.

These returns will start immediately and continue to grow over time for you, your team members and the business.

The Why Us section of this website will help you further assess the fit between your requirements and our services.


Team Coaching: How To Get Started

You've worked hard and made substantial investments to create the teams that you now rely on to deliver results. Don’t miss out on the success and fulfillment that you and your team members deserve.

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