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In the day to day management of your business, it can be easy to lose sight of why you created it in the first place.

Business Coaching by Planned Ascent will enable you to view your business as an asset, reconnect with the outcomes you want from it and then develop your best solutions and strategies to achieve them.

Some of the challenges we support clients to meet include:

  • Build senior leadership capability to grow future earnings & increase asset value
  • Systemise sales and value-delivery processes to enable scale
  • Align your company culture to accelerate commercial performance
  • Refine organisational design to increase productivity
  • Develop tools and methods to better manage the capacity of your business
  • Rationalise your customer base in order to free capacity and build more profitable growth

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What To Expect from Business Coaching

Business coaching can include working with business owners, leadership teams and even all members of staff in smaller companies.

Our approach is tailor-made to your context, needs and preferences and is built upon our unique Growth Mapping framework.

This considers your business as a whole and captures your unique insights and perspective from the outset, integrating them with ours to create a practical, workable plan that we both believe will meet your requirements and deliver the return on investment you rightly expect from our work together.

Our insights are made richer by the predictive profiling of individuals, teams and pivotal relationships, which can significantly enhance performance and accelerate progress.

Clients typically lead a privately-owned and established company (or division of a larger business), with 15 - 250 employees, providing B2B or B2C services in communications, digital and technology, albeit many clients operate outside these areas. Please see our case studies for examples.


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The Benefits Of Business Coaching 

Business coaching will help you shape your business to deliver the outcomes you want from it.

It will help you create a clear and informed perspective about what this will take and the levers of growth with the greatest potential to increase your agility and accelerate your progress.

Very importantly, it will also equip you to develop and implement a detailed, workable plan to apply these levers to your business and introduce the changes and solutions required.

The return on investment you can expect will start immediately and continue to grow over time: energetically, commercially and financially.

The Why Us section of this website will help you further assess the fit between your requirements and our services.


Business Coaching: How To Get Started

You've worked too hard and invested too much to miss out on the success and fulfilment that you and your team deserve.

There is no cost to explore your options for business coaching. Either: book your introductory call now, call us on 0345 222 5618 or send us a few details and we'll get back to you within one business day.


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Alternatively, visit this page for more insight into the many different levers that affect your business agility, and to download your FREE Self-Assessment Business Agility Toolkit.