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A focus on your business as an asset

Business Coaching: A Focus on Your Business as an Asset

Using a bespoke blend of business coaching and consulting, Planned Ascent will equip you to create and sustain the profitable growth you are looking for.

Planned Ascent business coaching delivers sustainable increases in the capability, accountability and capacity of your team and business: foundations from which we will build and execute workable strategies and plans leading to improved outcomes in areas such as revenue, profit, work-life balance, culture and value.

Our approach is tailor-made to your context, preferences and needs, whether these are to:

  • Build senior leadership capability to grow future earnings & increase asset value
  • Systemise sales and value-delivery processes to enable scale
  • Evolve your company culture to accelerate commercial performance
  • Refine organisational design to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Develop tools and methods to better manage the capacity of your business
  • Rationalise your customer base in order to free capacity and build more profitable growth

Our business coaching can include working with the owners individually or together, the leadership team and even the whole business in smaller companies. It might also involve connecting any of these groups with our Trusted Circle of other experts and advisors. 

Our clients typically lead a privately-owned and established company (or division of a larger business), with 30 to 300 employees, providing B2B or B2C services. Please see our case studies for examples.

Don't continue to be driven by events, with all the frustration that entails. You've worked too hard and invested too much to miss out on the success and fulfilment that you and your team deserves. There is no cost to explore your options. Book your introductory call: contact us or call 0345 222 5618.

Business Coaching & Consulting: Our Approach

Your Challenges

Planned Ascent applies a pragmatic, three-phased approach to equip you to achieve the outcomes you want whilst remaining agile in response to developments:

  1. Distil - We will help you get really clear about the context you are working in and how this might evolve moving forwards. This will include the opportunities and challenges this presents, their commercial and energetic impact on you and others and the outcomes you want to create.
  2. Design - Identify and evaluate the options open to you. Develop your vision and ideas about how you could pursue them and decide which offers the best way forward. Clarify the resources and capabilities you will need to implement them.
  3. Deliver - In this phase, your strategies and plans come into contact with reality and you activate the capabilities and resources you have assembled. When the unexpected occurs, as it inevitably will, you will need to act with speed, agility and resilience in order to keep on track towards the outcomes you want. Our focus will be to keep you equipped with whatever you need to continue and sustain your progress.

We value your experience and in-depth knowledge of your business, and blend it with ours to create the combination of coaching and consulting that best suits your context, needs and preferences.

Typically, we work face to face for a full day every month, written up to include clear actions and accountabilities, and enjoy regular contact online and by phone as needs dictate.

As our work progresses, we will continually evaluate what format and content will best meet the evolving needs of your business and team, and whether that is best provided by us or by connecting you to trusted others with the particular skills you need.

Return on Investment

There will be several layers to the return on your investment with Planned Ascent:


Your first return will be increased motivation and confidence. As a leader or as a team, your renewed energy will be infectious meaning any shift will be picked up and mirrored by others, consciously or otherwise: an energetic multiplier effect.


As your individual or team energy changes, so will your behaviour. Once again, this will be multiplied by the ripple effect that will radiate out from you to others.


These shifts in energy and behaviour will create a commercial impact, reflected in your P&L. Our work together will create greater alignment and collective capabilities. This will drive decreases in costs and increases in revenue. We will model these commercial impacts together, and then track them as our work progresses.


We work from the perspective that your business is an asset you have created to deliver the outcomes you want. Our work is designed to enhance the value of your asset and this too can be benchmarked and measured over time. This is where the greatest monetary return will ultimately be generated.


You gain greater choice about the impact you want to have and the legacy you want to leave; be that in a team, a business, your family or more widely in society. This perhaps is the greatest return of all.

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