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Executive Coaching

A focus on self-awareness.

Executive Coaching: A Focus on Self-Awareness

Coaching is a way of working designed to help a client(s) work out for themselves:

  • The outcome(s) they want
  • The opportunities and challenges they will have to address
  • The resources they will need to obtain and deploy
  • The strategies and plans that are right for them in their context.

The intention in all coaching is to draw out and maximise the resourcefulness of the client(s) rather than assuming they need training or telling what to do.

Executive coaching focuses on helping an individual to be at their most effective in the workplace.

The work itself will typically involve one to one sessions that will feel like focused conversations intended to help the client gain new perspectives and insights about themselves and their interactions with others. These will take place within clearly agreed boundaries and provisions regarding confidentiality, for example, and the coach will likely incorporate selected tools to provide objective insights that support the development of new perspectives and understanding.

The work may also include techniques such as role play or other forms of rehearsal to develop relevant skills and behaviours that will facilitate and accelerate shifts in behaviour and performance.

The Benefits for Business Owners & Leaders

Together, these different elements will help you step back, make sense of your experience, take better decisions and implement them successfully.

Key to a coaching approach is that you will be supported to apply the various insights, skills and behaviours to develop and refine your own strategies to meet the challenges you face.

The benefit of coaching is that the solutions are thought through and designed by you and then expressed in your own language - hence they make sense to you and this being the case, you will likely feel more confident that you can implement them naturally.

Your Challenges

Planned Ascent equips business owners and leaders to create and sustain profitable growth:

  • Develop your personal leadership style consistent with your values and ambitions
  • Improve your influencing skills
  • Strengthen your ability to delegate effectively to achieve the outcomes you want
  • Build more effective teams
  • Manage your personal state and affect on the people who work with and for you
  • Create more balanced and productive relationships with key stakeholders

Few if any of the opportunities and challenges you face will exist in isolation and your context will be unique in at least some respects.

This is why our approach is tailor-made to your context, needs and preferences. It will be adapted to best help you:

  • Distil the issues that most need your attention
  • Design your best approach to resolve them
  • Deliver your plans effectively to achieve and sustain the outcomes you want.

See the Why Us section of this website for tools to help you assess the fit between your requirements and our services.

Executive Coaching: Our Approach

Your Challenges

The single most important element of executive coaching is to create clear and aligned expectations before starting the work itself, so that insofar as it is possible, complete trust and confidence is created between the coach and the client.

We call this process ‘contracting’, and initially verbally and later in writing, it will address issues including:

  • Confidentiality
  • The extent to which information will be shared with other stakeholders e.g. employers or line managers
  • The right of the coachee to keep private their life outside work, and any aspects of their past experience they may not wish to divulge
  • Where the boundaries are between coaching and other forms of intervention that are beyond the scope of coaching, such as counselling
  • Where the competence of the coach starts and stops
  • Whether any notes will be taken by the coach and if so, why and what happens to them
  • The context and anticipated scope of the work
  • Timelines
  • Frequency, duration, number and location of the coaching sessions
  • Financial investment and what is included and excluded.

The context of executive coaching sessions will be strictly work-related. The nature of executive coaching means that your relevant behaviour at work, helpful or otherwise, plus any connections you may make between your experiences to date and your responses to different people or scenarios, may well be within scope. Hence the nature of executive coaching can feel somewhat more personal than business coaching, and this can be both challenging and immensely rewarding.

As our work progresses, and at the start and end of each session, we will regularly evaluate the evolving work context and our respective sense of what is being achieved, what format and content has worked to date and will best meet your unfolding needs, and whether there is anything we can change to make the work more effective.

Executive Coaching: Deliverables

Planned Ascent executive coaching delivers:

Growth - Sustainable increases in your capability, accountability and capacity borne of increased self-awareness, leading to improved outcomes.

Insights, Resources & Methods - Including personal insights and skills, proven business tools and frameworks and only if relevant, connections to other professionals in our Trusted Circle. Or, quite possibly, a combination of these.


Return on Investment

There will be several layers to the return on your investment with Planned Ascent:


Your first return will be increased motivation and confidence.

This flows from distilling the issues you face, refining your perception of the options open to you and engaging your capability (and others’) to respond them.

As a leader or as a team, your renewed energy will be infectious meaning any shift will be picked up and mirrored by others, consciously or otherwise: an energetic multiplier effect.


As your individual or team energy changes, so will your behaviour.

Once again, this will be multiplied by the ripple effect that will radiate out from you to others; so it will be important to clearly articulate and model the behaviours you want to see amplified in your business.


These shifts in energy and behaviour will create a commercial impact, reflected in your P&L.

Initially, this could be adverse for various reasons. The increasing clarity in your business may prompt some who are not ready for it, to move on. It may also prompt you to make some investments to support the behaviours you want to see - into improved systems and infrastructure, for example.

Over time, the commercial impact will be positive. Our work together will create greater alignment and collective capabilities. This will drive corresponding decreases in costs, for example of recruitment and retention, and increases in revenue flowing from improved teamwork and collaboration.

We can model these commercial impacts together, and then track them as our work progresses.


We work from the perspective that your business is an asset you have created to deliver the outcomes you want.

Our work will be designed to enhance the value of your asset and, subject to your appetite for investment, this too can be benchmarked by specialists and measured over time.

This is where the greatest monetary return will ultimately be generated, all else being equal.


We come back to where we started, to you as the business owner or leader of a leadership team. Except now you have greater choice, borne of your increased confidence, capability and equity, about the impact you want to have in the world and the legacy you want to leave; be that in a team, a business, your family or more widely in society.

This perhaps is the greatest return of all.

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