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Executive Coaching will equip you to be at your most resourceful and effective in the face of challenges and opportunities at work.  

By increasing your self-awareness and with it, your capacity to make more effective choices, executive coaching will help you achieve your full potential:

  • Develop your personal leadership style consistent with your values and ambitions
  • Improve your influencing skills
  • Strengthen your ability to delegate effectively to achieve the outcomes you want
  • Build more effective teams
  • Manage your personal state and effect on the people who work with and for you
  • Create more balanced and productive relationships with key stakeholders

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What To Expect From Executive Coaching

Executive coaching will typically involve one to one sessions that will feel like focused conversations. These will help you gain new perspectives and insights about yourself and your interactions with others.

They will take place within clearly agreed boundaries and provisions regarding confidentiality and communication with other stakeholders, for example, and will likely incorporate selected tools to provide objective insights that support the development of new perspectives and understanding.

Our predictive profiling tool of choice is Prophet, which has been designed specifically to develop fast, relevant developmental insights that will significantly improve performance in a business context.

The context of executive coaching sessions will be strictly work-related. This means that your relevant behaviour at work, helpful or otherwise, plus any connections you make between your experiences to date and your responses to different people or scenarios, may well be within scope. Hence executive coaching can feel more personal than business coaching, and this can be both challenging and immensely rewarding.

The work may also include forms of rehearsal to help you develop relevant skills and behaviours that will accelerate shifts in your performance. 

As with our business coaching, your executive coaching will draw on our bespoke framework, process and toolkit: Growth Mapping. This is purpose-built to help you achieve smarter business growth.

At the start and end of each session, we will review your evolving work context and our respective sense of what is being achieved, and agree whether there is anything we can change to make the work more effective.


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The Benefits Of Executive Coaching

Together, these different elements will help you step back, make sense of your experience, take better decisions and implement them more successfully.

The benefit of coaching is that the solutions are thought through and designed by you and then expressed in your own language - hence they make sense to you and this being the case, you will likely feel more confident that you can implement them naturally.

The return on investment you can expect will start immediately and continue to grow over time: energetically, commercially and financially.

The Why Us section of this website will help you assess the fit between your requirements and our services.


Executive Coaching: How To Get Started

You've worked too hard and invested too much to fall short of your full potential.

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