A Clear Way Forward

Coaching Sprints are structured, 30-minute opportunities to consider an issue and develop a clear way forward...fast.

Working with an experienced and objective coach, you might want to focus on:

  • Weighing up your options whilst remaining true to your values
  • Managing expectations in the face of uncertainty
  • Supporting your direct reports to remain focused and resourceful
  • How to manage a particularly challenging stakeholder relationship
  • Judging whether to step in or step back
  • Turning your frustration into something more useful

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What To Expect From Coaching Sprints

Coaching Sprints will take place online and last no more than 30 minutes.

To help you get the most out of your sprint, we will ask you to complete a simple webform in advance so that you come to the start line clear about what you want to achieve by the finish.

Your coach will set out and follow a structured process whilst remaining alert to your needs and preferred ways of working.

This will ensure you leave the sprint committed to a clear set of actions and your coach will encourage you to add these to the webform after the sprint.

This way, both parties will have a record of the next steps and timeframes expressed in your own words.

Afterwards, we will follow up online to review progress with you and to check if you need further input or support.


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The Benefits Of Coaching Sprints

Coaching Sprints provide a fast, inexpensive and energising way of developing some fresh ideas and solutions to the challenges you face every day. 

The tried and tested structure and process will ensure that your sprint is productive and generates results.

Our external accreditation, coaching qualifications and experience of the issues you face mean that you will be working with a capable partner who will help you develop a practical way forward.

To give you extra peace of mind if you have never worked with us before, your first sprint is free! Subsequent sprints are £99+VAT.

All sprints are backed by our triple guarantee. 


Coaching Sprints: How To Get Started

Don’t let these everyday challenges sap your energy or slow you down. There is no cost to trying your first sprint: it is free of charge. Book a time slot or call 0345 222 5618.