Your Challenges

Your challenges will be unique in some respects and not others: many of them will be common to businesses, teams or leaders at a similar stage.

Our most effective way of working together will be to blend your insights, knowledge and experience with ours to develop solutions that are right for you in your context.

The Growth Mapping framework we use in all our coaching is specifically designed to facilitate this.


Our Experience

We want to help because we believe strongly that your success matters: growing businesses create opportunities and benefits for society that extend far beyond their owners and employees. 

We feel equipped to do so because we have been there ourselves and tackled the same challenges you face, whether as a business founder, owner, investor, leader or employee.

Whilst the client testimonials on this website matter most to us and perhaps to you, our advanced qualifications and independent accreditation also attest to the quality of our coaching and content. 


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Your Decision

This website will help you assess the fit between your needs and our services.

If a fit seems likely, the most effective way to address your decision will be for us to talk, and then meet.

All else being equal, we will then be pleased to introduce you to Clients who have worked with Planned Ascent , so you can hear directly from them about their experience.


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Your Triple Guarantee

Our work is backed by a triple guarantee for your peace of mind:

1. You are free to walk away at any time
2. Payment will always follow delivery
3. The quality of our work is assured: independent accreditation every 2 years ensures we meet the standards demanded by leading employers & professional institutes.

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Typically, we find that potential clients want to know about:

  • Capability - can we do what we say we do?
  • Chemistry - does it feel to both parties like a relationship they want to enter into?

  • Content - do we have a clear process and can this be tailored to your needs and business context?

  • Value for money - does the anticipated return and service warrant your investment?

The Getting Started section sets out a pathway to help you evaluate quickly if Planned Ascent is a good fit with your requirements.

When you're ready to get going,  just send us a few details and we'll get back to you within one business day. Or if you prefer, you can book a time slot for your introductory call or call us on 0345 222 5618 and we’ll be delighted to talk to you. 

Work Style

Three features characterise the Planned Ascent way of working:



We blend coaching and consulting within a clear framework and process to best meet your needs and preferences, enriched with proven business tools and ideas drawn from a wide variety of sources.



We offer and ask for complete commitment to our work together, including a willingness to challenge and be challenged and acceptance of our respective accountability for outcomes.



We expect that the solutions we develop will flow from ideas, methods and resources contributed by both of us.


There is no cost or risk to explore your options. Take the first step today and book your introductory call,  contact us online or call 0345 222 5618.

Our Trusted Circle

Head of shots of diverse business men and women to represent our Trusted Circle

Planned Ascent collaborates with trusted others to fulfil its purpose. Ideas and resources that equip people and businesses for growth can and should come from a host of sources.

Our Trusted Circle is made up of people in whom we have absolute confidence; in their integrity, values and professional competence.

They represent an eclectic mix of skills and experience relevant to equipping people and businesses for growth, and we recommend them to you without hesitation.

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In this section we introduce them to you in our own words; and invite you to connect with them and explore what they have to offer using the links available.

This is a network founded on trust and goodwill - there are no commissions involved at any stage.

Referral Reward

Referral Rewards

There is no greater reward for Planned Ascent than when a Client or third party refers us.

As a heartfelt thank you, we will be pleased to offer you with a free day’s coaching (or a free coaching session if we are working 1:1) whenever a new prospective Client signs up to an engagement with us following a referral from you.

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Contact Us

Whenever you are ready, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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