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Smarter Business Growth

Planned Ascent will equip you to create and sustain smarter business growth which is:

  • Structured to deliver the outcomes you want
  • Achieved by design, not default
  • Energetically rewarding

Together, we will build the foundations that will make this happen: 

  • Increased capability, capacity, accountability and awareness, leading to improved productivity and accelerated outcomes.

  • Insights, resources and methods, including personal insights and skills, proven business tools and frameworks plus support to ensure their successful implementation.

We know you already have plenty of resources and resourcefulness. Our focus is on what else you need to achieve the outcomes you want.


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Our Approach

Planned Ascent provides a pragmatic, tailor-made blend of business coaching, consulting and where appropriate, connections with trusted others. 

Our starting point is to understand your context, ambitions, needs and preferences, typically through a call and subsequent meeting at your business, and by asking you to complete a guided self-assessment using our Growth Mapping framework (see below).

We then develop a bespoke, written proposal to agree the objectives and goals of our work together, along with the delivery format, timeframes and investment on both sides. 

In all of our work, we apply a three-phased approach to deliver the outcomes you want whilst remaining agile in response to developments.

The three phases of our approach are:

Circle One


1. Distil

Get really clear about the context you are working in and how this might evolve moving forwards. This will include the opportunities and challenges this presents, their commercial and energetic impact on you and others and the outcomes you want to create.

Circle Two


2. Design

Identify and evaluate the options open to you. Develop your vision and ideas about how you could pursue them and decide which offers the best way forward. Clarify the resources and capabilities you will need to implement them and any trade-offs they entail.

Circle Three


3. Deliver

Your strategies and plans come into contact with reality as you activate the capabilities and resources you have assembled. When the unexpected occurs, as it inevitably will, our focus will be to keep you equipped with whatever you need to sustain and accelerate your progress.

Growth Mapping: Our Coaching Framework

Growth Mapping is a self-directed framework, process and toolkit that we have developed over several years from our work with diverse companies and sectors. 

We use it to guide all of our coaching with entrepreneurs, teams and high-performers.

By combining a clear framework with simple tools and expert coaching, it will equip you to:

  • Lead your own diagnosis of what is really driving your productivity and growth. 
  • Design strategies and plans to increase productivity and accelerate growth towards the outcomes you want
  • Implement and refine these successfully

It assumes that you have an established business or team already, including a set of routines, systems and processes to run it, and want to improve its productivity and your own in order to accelerate your progress.

The emphasis is on refinement rather than reinvention of your operating system.


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What To Expect

Whatever form of coaching you choose, it will typically include a blend of face to face work, written up to include clear actions and accountabilities, and regular interim contact online and by phone as needs dictate.

Face to face work might include high-performance coaching with the business owners and members of your leadership team to develop your collective capability, and workshops with your wider team to apply a particular business tool or methodology to help them solve a challenge they are facing.

Online work might include a video call to discuss a new opportunity, an exchange of thoughts prompted by the actions of a competitor or sharing an interesting piece of content relevant to our work.

All content will be recorded, stored and shared in a confidential, cloud-based workspace with rigorous access controls to keep it separate from your day to day work and systems.

As our work progresses, we will continually evaluate what format and content will best meet the evolving needs of your business and team, and whether that is best provided by us or by connecting you to trusted others with particular skills you need.


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Return on Investment

There will be several layers to your return on investment with Planned Ascent:



Your first return will be increased motivation and confidence. As a leader or as a team, your renewed energy will be infectious meaning any shift will be picked up and mirrored by others, creating a multiplier effect.


As your individual or team energy changes, so will your behaviour. Once again, this will be multiplied by a ripple effect that will radiate out from you to others.


These shifts in energy and behaviour will create a commercial impact, reflected in your P&L. Our work together will create greater alignment and collective capabilities. This will drive decreases in costs and increases in revenue. We will model these commercial impacts together, and then track them as our work progresses.


We work from the perspective that your business is an asset you have created to deliver the outcomes you want. Our work is designed to improve your productivity, accelerate your growth and enhance the value of your asset: this too can be benchmarked and measured over time. This is where the greatest monetary return will ultimately be generated.


You gain greater choice about the impact you want to have and the legacy you want to leave. This perhaps is the greatest return  of all.

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