Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our business coaching and consulting, take a look at our frequently asked questions to find the information you are looking for. If you don't find the answer here, please contact us.


Will the business coaching and consulting processes and content be boilerplate or tailored to us?

The process and content will be tailored to your context, needs and preferences.


What will the business coaching and consulting focus on?

It will focus on your desired outcomes. The work will be designed to balance our understanding of what is needed for a successful coaching and consulting relationship with your needs and preferences. We will agree all of this in writing before we start work. 


Who needs to be involved from our side?

This depends on the business requirement. Our experience is that the coaching will be most successful if the business owners and/or CEO, as applicable, participate actively. This ensures an ongoing alignment between the evolving context of the business and the work, creates accountability at the senior level and conveys an expectation that everyone involved in the work will commit fully to it.


What is our commitment?

Your commitment is time, budget and accountability. Time is typically one day a month face-to-face, plus completion of agreed actions in the interim. Your financial commitment will be agreed in advance according to your requirements and context. The most important part of your commitment is your agreement to meet with sufficient regularity and follow through to maximise the effectiveness of our time together, giving a strong sense of mutual accountability and progress.


Who will be delivering our business coaching? Will it be you delivering the work or somebody else?

In most cases, Tim Cornell will deliver the work. Where the volume of work requires it, Tim may introduce another coach from his network to work alongside him for the whole or part of the programme. If we agree that you need specialist support, for example from a qualified financial advisor or lawyer, then Tim will recommend someone from Planned Ascent’s Trusted Circle if appropriate, or you can use somebody you know or source yourselves. Tim will help you specify any coaching or consulting work that is required from a third party and ensure it integrates seamlessly with the wider programme.


What experience do you have of businesses like ours?

Tim’s career and leadership story to date is set out on our About Us page. Whilst it is clearly important to have empathy with the owners and leaders of client businesses, a challenging and successful coaching relationship requires the coach to bring a fresh, objective perspective, and not simply to replicate the knowledge and experience of the owners. Tim will complement your knowledge, skills and experience with his own, gained in a wide variety of businesses, roles, sectors and territories and as a qualified and independently accredited business coach. He will encourage you to view your business as an asset and to consider what you want from that asset today and moving forward, and how to set up your business to get it. This will mean that decisions you take today will support your future goals and ambitions.


What do you bring to our business that we don’t already have? What do you bring that we haven’t got already?

The specifics of this will depend on the skills, knowledge and experience in each client business. Planned Ascent brings a pragmatic and tailor-made blend of business coaching, consulting and connections and applies this from the perspective of your business as an asset. Our skill is firstly to distil the outcomes you want and then to look at your business as a whole system and recommend where refinements are most needed to deliver those outcomes. We will then work with you and your team as appropriate to define and sign off robust strategies for each area, before progressing to detailed implementation planning and delivery. Once the refinements are successfully embedded, we will measure and review progress and consider together what else is required to optimise them and ensure they remain scaleable and repeatable over time.


What results can we expect from your business coaching and consulting?

You can expect to create and sustain profitable growth, in a manner consistent with any other desired outcomes we agreed at the outset. A number of variables will influence the speed and scale at which this can be achieved and we will discuss these and our respective accountabilities for them before signing off the work design. We will then review them as the work progresses to ensure we remain on track with our expectations aligned.


What evidence can you provide to prove your business coaching works?back up your claims?

The best evidence is the word of our present and former clients, several of whom have kindly provided video and/or written testimonials on our website and will provide references on request.

Tim is also an accredited coach with the Office for Continuous Professional Development; meaning that the delivery, structure and content of his coaching has been subject to rigorous independent assessment and confirmed as meeting the standards required by leading employers, institutes and regulators. He also holds an internationally accredited diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching (AoEC).


How much does business coaching and consulting cost?What does it cost?

Just as the work design is bespoke, so will be the precise details of your financial investment. A typical client assignment lasts for a minimum of six months at an investment of £3000 per month and involves a full day each month working together on your business premises plus unlimited interim support by phone, Skype or email. Planned Ascent provides each client with a confidential online workspace where all notes, files, conversation records, images and data are securely stored and can be viewed and commented upon, to which access is rigorously controlled. This ensures that the work we do together does not get lost or inadvertently ‘leak’ into your everyday business systems. Every full day session is written up by Planned Ascent with next actions agreed and assigned, creating an end to end record of our work together.


Why should we go with you as opposed to another coaching firm?

Not all business coaches are the same. We only take on clients that we genuinely believe we can help, which is why our track record is so good. Likewise, you should only choose Planned Ascent if the ‘chemistry’ feels right and you feel confident in our ability to deliver the outcomes you want, which you will get by talking to us.

The biggest risk to you - time, money and lost opportunity - is in taking on a coach that is not right for you. We work hard to make sure we are not that coach, actively declining or referring elsewhere any prospective clients that we don't believe we can help. 

Once we start work it will be vital that you commit wholeheartedly to it and that you come prepared to both challenge and be challenged in pursuit of the outcomes you want. Are you ready?


What if we want to stop?

We are confident that the quality of our service will lead you to continue working with us until we complete our agreed programme.

Should you wish to stop for any reason, we will not impose onerous contractual clauses. On the contrary, we will do our very best to ensure that you get the maximum value from the work we have completed up to that point.