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The Route to Relationship

Sustainable growth will only be achieved through a sustainable relationship, so we both need to invest a little time and effort to ensure we create one.

Our four-step approach is designed to get the most from both parties’ investment of time and effort:

Step Two
Introductory Call
(Phone or Video conference: 20 minutes)

An opportunity to put a voice to a name and explore any early-stage questions on either side, including any areas highlighted by the First Fit Review™ if you choose to complete it.

Step Three
Face to Face Meeting
(Your business premises: 1 hour)

If everything seems OK so far, let’s meet and put faces to names, confirm personal chemistry and provide any credentials as may be required.

We will ask you to explain the high level context, challenges and perceived requirements that have prompted you to contact us.

In return, we will come prepared to explain the why, what and how of our business and to answer any questions you may have.

Pen to paper
Written Proposal
(Online: soft copy)

We will write to confirm our understanding of your context, challenges and requirements, plus our proposed solutions and commercial terms to provide the services you have requested.

Dates in Diaries
Signatures and Dates

Once we are both happy we can sign the proposal including any refinements and schedule dates into diaries.