Planned Ascent Clients


The business owners and leaders with whom we are honoured to work.

Who We Serve

We serve business owners and leaders: people with the courage and determination to set up and lead businesses. People who want to serve society, scale your companies and sustain your hard-earned growth and asset value.

This could mean you as an individual, you and your leadership team, or even you and your business as a whole.

Clients of Planned Ascent typically lead privately-owned and established companies (or divisions of larger businesses) with 20 or more employees providing B2B or B2C services. The core of our experience lies in marketing services: especially communications, digital and tech' businesses, although we continue to serve clients across a wide variety of other sectors as well. 

Some actual and recent Clients are featured below.

Fix Auto Mid Devon
Make It Cheaper, London
SilverDisc, Kettering
APR LLP, London
Genesis PR, Ipswich
Inspiring Learning, Brighton
The Chemistry Group, London
Business Success Global, Westbury
Agnentis Partners, Richmond