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Effective Delegation: A Simple Framework for Success

Is poor delegation leading to frustration, feelings of being overworked or instilling a blame culture within your team? Read on to discover the signs of poor delegation and how you can improve for a happier and more productive workplace.

The Answer To Frustration: Understanding & Creating Accountability

A root cause of frustration is often that a business’s ways of working have not kept pace with the growing and often relentless demands placed on them. People are understandably frustrated, annoyed, even unnerved by the resulting inefficiencies that are eroding otherwise healthy margins. There is a sense that things no longer work as they used to.

The Value In Understanding The Purpose Of Your Business

Many of the entrepreneurs we meet are either struggling against, or giving in to the gravitational pull of day to day operations. As expectations from customers, employees and even government ratchet endlessly upwards, it is understandable that their focus gets pulled towards the demands immediately in front of them: Client expectations, staff morale, GDPR. So why should we care about, let alone invest in purpose?

Founder Fatigue: Root Causes and Remedies

The vast majority of the entrepreneurs we meet are deeply committed to the people who work for them. They respect that their employees have commitments and obligations outside the workplace, and recognise the mutual benefit of offering them the flexibility to balance these sometimes competing demands.

A lot of the same entrepreneurs are also exhausted. Their commitment to everyone else results in them plugging the gaps that arise from flexible hours, sabbaticals, statutory leave, extended holidays and so on. Even years after they founded their business, the original risk takers are still the ones pulling the late nights and carrying the can. Sound familiar?

The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

Some fascinating stories in this concise book illustrate how different leaders and organisations from all sorts of different contexts - sport, the military, film studios, have created cultures that foster highly successful groups.