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Most of our blog entries can be read in two or three minutes. One or two go into greater depth and others are bite-sized. All are intended to share with you insights, ideas or inspiration that we hope you will find useful, interesting or energising.

Our Response to Covid-19

Covid-19 has presented all of us with a set of circumstances and challenges of which we have no direct prior experience. 

If there is something good to have come out of it already, perhaps it is the way it has obliged all of us to quickly and critically examine how we create and deliver value for our customers and, importantly, for the wider community.

In trying to work through this conscientiously and authentically, it also tests our values and how we choose to interpret and apply them to a completely new context.

In this blog, we describe our first response, the thoughts that shaped it and the new offer we have created as a result.

This complements our existing products whilst being quite distinct from it, reflecting the new realities we are all responding to.

Effective Delegation: A Simple Framework for Success

Is poor delegation leading to frustration, feelings of being overworked or instilling a blame culture within your team? Read on to discover the signs of poor delegation and how you can improve for a happier and more productive workplace.

The 5 Most Important Improvements A Business Coach Can Help With

A good business coach will understand that what feels most important to different individuals and businesses, even in the face of similar circumstances, will vary widely. Nonetheless, there are five key improvements you should expect from working with a business coach.

What Can a Business Coach Help With?

The scope of what a business owner may want from, or for their business will vary from one person and context to the next. One owner’s focus might be holistic whereas another may wish to prioritise a particular challenge or opportunity. In this blog post we'll take a look at exactly what issues a business coach can help with.

What Does A Business Coach Do?

A professional business coach will look at a business as a whole and help a business owner gain greater clarity and confidence about what they want from, or for their business and how best to achieve it given their context, values, needs and preferences. Read on to find out how this is done in more detail.

6 Reasons To Hire a Business Coach

You are an experienced entrepreneur and have grown your business to its present shape and size, quite possibly without ever seeking external help or advice. So why might you do so now? In this blog, we explore six reasons why hiring a business coach could be a wise investment.

Will I Benefit From A Business Coach? Signs To Look Out For.

Here’s an interesting truth in our experience: companies that most benefit from working with a business coach are typically run by very talented people. So what are the signs that suggest this relationship might be needed and successful?

Business Coaching - Sourcing Your Ideal Coach

The fact is, there are a lot of very diverse people and businesses that practice under the umbrella of ‘coaching’: executive coaches, business coaches, career coaches, life coaches and so on. The rates they charge and the content and quality of their services vary substantially.

This can, understandably, breed scepticism or even cynicism amongst business owners and leaders. Your time is precious. So how do you identify what brand of coaching might meet your needs, and who you can rely on to deliver a return on your investment?