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The Power of TED* by David Emerald

Whether or not we know it by name, many of us will have encountered the ideas presented by the Karpman Drama Triangle at one time or another: the model of human interaction which describes unhelpful roles and associated behaviours that we can (and do) all fall into and witness every day - those of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer.

We may have learnt through a combination of training and life experience, for example, that it is usually unhelpful to 'rescue' someone from whatever predicament they find themselves in, rather than offering a form of support that equips and empowers them to find their own way out and to sustain this state of affairs afterwards. 

Similarly, most of us would likely agree that a healthy outlook on life would involve both taking and accepting responsibility for our own situations, rather than identifying ourselves as some sort of 'Victim' who is helpless to a greater or lesser extent in the face of external forces shaping our lives.

And most (hopefully, all!) of us would reject the idea that the best way to help a colleague to perform to the peak of their abilities is to persecute or bully them. 

Yet in both the workplace and social settings, the existence of these roles and some sort of understanding of how they can play out, usually to everyone's detriment, is much more common that an understanding of the more helpful roles and behaviours we could adopt to prevent these 'dramas' arising in the first place.

This is the focus of this small and short book by David Emerald. It explores through the form of a short fable both the motivations that prompt and sustain each role in the drama triangle, plus the more constructive roles and behaviours we can each adopt to escape them and to help ourselves and others consciously adopt more respectful and productive mindsets.

The fable is not a form widely used in books with a business application and may not be to everyone's liking - however the book does offer some simple yet powerful insights to help all of us further develop our self-awareness, manage our own mindset and behaviour, and offer the sort of respectful and effective support that is much more likely to be appreciated by colleagues, family and friends.

The book will take you very little time to read - an hour perhaps, albeit it will likely prompt thoughts and hopefully behaviours that will stay with you for much longer.


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