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A Playbook for Business Model Innovation

We recently reviewed "Reinvent Your Business Model - How to Seize the White Space for Transformative Growth" by Mark W Johnson.

A central tenet of the book is that the ever-evolving array of digital technologies and business solutions is not enough in and of itself to power sustainable business growth. This growth will flow from the business model that we wrap around the technology and from our ability to continually refine this as customer requirements change.

Using Business Model Innovation To Power Growth

In this well-written and concise book, Mark Johnson offers us a playbook which includes a four-box framework for understanding what business model innovation is and how to apply it in different contexts.

The book can help you to create a repeatable and scalable process for innovating your business model over time and in the face of change, opportunity and uncertainty.

Watch our video book review, below, to find out more about how you can use business model innovation to power transformative growth within your business. 

Business Model Alignment 

To understand more about business models and how they interact with other elements of your business to affect your agility, we also recommend you read our blog series: Building Business Agility.

Each post looks at a different element of our Growth Mapping framework and how alignment between these various elements can materially improve the agility of your business.

The first three posts examine each of the three central layers of the framework: Ownership, Business Model and Operating System, and explain why your business model is at the heart of the framework and needs to be aligned with the other two layers.

This provides further context against which to understand the recommendations made by the author and explains why we advocate reading this book.

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