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Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller

Our latest video book review is on "Building A Story Brand" by Donald Miller.

The book deconstructs elements of a great story and explains how we can use this story framework to write a clear description of our business that helps us better communicate what we do and its value to potential customers.

Watch our rapid review below to find out more about this book and why we think it's so useful, or read on here.

To understand what this book has to offer, think of it as a playbook rather than as a paperback. It is written so that if you choose to, you can read each chapter and then go onto the dedicated website and use the templates provided to jot down your thoughts and ideas consistent with the approach laid out in the book.

There are seven such sections in total, and together these make up all of the elements of a great story, and hence of a 'Story Brand' to borrow from the book's title.

Once you have completed all seven, your challenge is simply to knit them together to create a coherent description and compelling positioning of your business to a prospective customer.

One of the key value-adds of the book is that develops a very clear and simple argument to persuade us that anything else you might wish to say about your business is simply 'noise' to a prospective customer: bluntly, they won't care about it as much as they will care about the seven elements. So the book encourages us to focus on these seven elements at the expense and to the exclusion of anything else.

If you are anything like me, you will find this singular focus helpful, if a little uncomfortable at first as in my case, it devalued some of the things that I was keen to explain.

I should also mention that I am not one who is always ready to follow someone else's template, so it was a welcome surprise to me to find just how easy it was to adopt the process mapped out in the book, and just how quickly I was able to knit each of the sections together into a first draft output.

It was also refreshing to note that this first draft did not contain all of the language I had habitually used to describe my business. The process had actually helped me to step back and adopt a new, and crucially more customer-centric perspective.

My only criticism is that since buying the book and signing up to the process, I have been literally bombarded with emails from the author. No doubt I can unsubscribe, however the volume and frequency of them has felt a little excessive.

Nonetheless, that should not detract from the value of what is an inexpensive, easily read and valuable tool to refresh how you think about and importantly, describe your business and the value it creates and delivers.

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