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Most of our blog entries can be read in two or three minutes. One or two go into greater depth and others are bite-sized. All are intended to share with you insights, ideas or inspiration that we hope you will find useful, interesting or energising.

What Does A Business Coach Do?

A professional business coach will look at a business as a whole and help a business owner gain greater clarity and confidence about what they want from, or for their business and how best to achieve it given their context, values, needs and preferences. Read on to find out how this is done in more detail.

6 Reasons To Hire a Business Coach

You are an experienced entrepreneur and have grown your business to its present shape and size, quite possibly without ever seeking external help or advice. So why might you do so now? In this blog, we explore six reasons why hiring a business coach could be a wise investment.

When Qualifying Prospecs, Little Details Can Yield Big Results

At one time or another, many of us will have participated in a meeting with a prospective new client, supplier or business partner where, despite our best efforts, the conversation doesn’t flow. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the strategies that can trip us up and how sometimes, paying attention to the little things can yield big results.

The Importance Of Treating Your Business Like A Client

Many different cultures and countries around the world have variants of the proverb: ‘The cobbler’s children have no shoes’, meaning that the person or entity involved fails to give themselves the benefit of their own professional expertise. It is our experience that this holds true for many smaller service businesses, so why might that be, what are some of the opportunity costs and what can be done to rectify it?

Is Your Business Model Broken?

We are all aware of the pace of change surrounding businesses and of the many different drivers of this. It is one thing to acknowledge change however, and quite another to reach clear conclusions about what it means for your business and what you need to do in response, if anything. In this blog, we’ll consider how you might begin to form answers to both these questions by taking a fresh look at your business model.

The Answer To Frustration: Understanding & Creating Accountability

A root cause of frustration is often that a business’s ways of working have not kept pace with the growing and often relentless demands placed on them. People are understandably frustrated, annoyed, even unnerved by the resulting inefficiencies that are eroding otherwise healthy margins. There is a sense that things no longer work as they used to.

Will I Benefit From A Business Coach? Signs To Look Out For.

Here’s an interesting truth in our experience: companies that most benefit from working with a business coach are typically run by very talented people. So what are the signs that suggest this relationship might be needed and successful?

The Value In Understanding The Purpose Of Your Business

Many of the entrepreneurs we meet are either struggling against, or giving in to the gravitational pull of day to day operations. As expectations from customers, employees and even government ratchet endlessly upwards, it is understandable that their focus gets pulled towards the demands immediately in front of them: Client expectations, staff morale, GDPR. So why should we care about, let alone invest in purpose?

Overcoming Resistance Within A Team

Resistance can be healthy if surfaced and dealt with constructively. It can equally be destructive - hindering individuals and teams from performing at their best. So what is our best response to overcoming resistance and the behaviours that follow? Here are five pointers we as business coaches thought you may find helpful.

Capacity Management - A Business Tool Set For Sustainable Growth

Whilst the concept of capacity is straightforward, it’s relatively uncommon in our experience to find service businesses who know their capacity, and how this is built up across departments or teams. And even rarer still to find businesses that are systematically using capacity management to inform their business strategy.

The result is uncertainty, poor decision-making and sometimes, break-downs. Running a business without a capacity strategy is rather like driving a car without a dashboard.

Business Coaching - Sourcing Your Ideal Coach

The fact is, there are a lot of very diverse people and businesses that practice under the umbrella of ‘coaching’: executive coaches, business coaches, career coaches, life coaches and so on. The rates they charge and the content and quality of their services vary substantially.

This can, understandably, breed scepticism or even cynicism amongst business owners and leaders. Your time is precious. So how do you identify what brand of coaching might meet your needs, and who you can rely on to deliver a return on your investment?