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Our Response to Covid-19

In this time of heightened uncertainty, two things seem clear:

1. Cash will be tight for the foreseeable future

2. There will be no shortage of challenging and unprecedented issues for business owners and leaders to grapple with.

In considering how best to help our clients and the wider business community, I have wanted to avoid adding to the 'noise' and instead, find a way of offering something of practical value respecting the pressures that all of us are under, whilst remaining true to our purpose and values.

Unconditional Support

For our existing clients, that has meant reiterating our support for them and being available without conditions or limits to provide whatever form of help they need, when they need it: a sounding board to help weigh up options or challenge their thinking, for example. 

As is so often the case, these conversations have given us some insight into the ways we might best support entrepreneurs, teams and business leaders who don't yet know us and might appreciate some similar and affordable support themselves.

As a result, we have created a new product for the times we are living through: Coaching Sprints.

Introducing Coaching Sprints

Coaching Sprints are structured, 30-minute opportunities to consider an issue and develop a clear way

They have been specifically designed to provide a robust, inexpensive and energising way of developing some fresh ideas and solutions to the challenges you face every day; including the unprecedented challenges you face at the moment.

You can read a little more about them here.

Book Your Free Trial

Given that one of these challenges is cashflow, we have removed the risk for you to try this out and get some immediate value by making your first sprint completely free of charge. Simply book a convenient timeslot to get started.

If you find it helps and want to repeat the experience, subsequent sprints will also be highly affordable at just £99+VAT; consistent with our triple guarantee.

Adapting To Our New Reality

Like everyone else, we have had to rethink how we both create and deliver value in this new reality, and I sincerely hope that you find this new offer relevant to your needs.

If you have any feedback or would like something different, please do contact us.

Whether or not we work with you in the coming weeks and months, we wish you and your teams good health and the very best of luck with your businesses. 

Tim Cornell

Founder, Planned Ascent 



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