The Importance Of Purpose In A Saturated Business Market

In today's connected world, our transition from unawareness about a business to awareness, contact and even contract, can occur very quickly.

If we accept this premise, then we must surely acknowledge that another transition can occur at least as quickly: the one from connection to disconnection. That we can access information so quickly means we can find substitutes with equal ease. Our potential customers are no different. If the best we can do is tell them that we are yet another supplier of a ubiquitous product or commoditised service, the most we can expect is a race to the bottom. More likely is that we will simply never hear from them at all.

In a recent newspaper article*, Michael Hayman quotes the head of a global private equity firm as saying that with regard to their investments, ‘every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society’. In his infamous Ted Talk**, Simon Sinek also highlights the importance of the ‘Why’ in creating customer engagement. The message is clear: In today’s world, if we don’t know what we stand for and why it matters, nobody else is going to invest their precious time to find out.

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*City A.M. Monday 23rd April 2018, ‘Sorrell’s exit signals our desire for a softer style of leadership’ by Michael Hayman, in Forum, edited by Rachel Cunliffe.

Picture of Simon Sinek delivering TED talk

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