Business and Executive Coaching

What Does A Business Coach Do?

A professional business coach will look at a business as a whole and help a business owner gain greater clarity and confidence about what they want from, or for their business and how best to achieve it given their context, values, needs and preferences.


The Outcomes of Business Coaching

More specifically, a good business coaching process will enable a business owner to:

  • Clarify their thoughts, feelings and ambitions

  • Identify and assess the available options to achieve them

  • Make more informed choices about which options to pursue

  • Create strategies and plans that they and their teams feel confident to execute

  • Implement, measure and refine these plans in a constantly evolving context

  • Review their progress, ambitions and choices in light of their ongoing experience


The Primary Function of a Business Coach

The primary function of a business coach is to enable a client to develop their own answers to each of these different areas efficiently and effectively, in a way that builds their belief in their chosen way forward whilst remaining objective about the challenges and opportunities involved. 

The personal style, insights, resources and methods a coach will use to do this will vary from one to the next and the success of a coaching relationship will depend on achieving a good fit between the needs of the client and the approach of the coach. 


The Benefit of a Coaching Approach

The benefit of a coaching approach is that the solutions are thought through and designed by you and then expressed in your own language - hence they make sense to you and this being the case, you will likely feel more confident that you can implement them.

A professional coach will draw on their own experience if relevant, challenge where appropriate and share ideas and observations along the way. They will not do the work for the client, however, as this inhibits the transfer of capability from the coach to the client. 

Before agreeing to hire a coach, a prospective client should satisfy themselves that their style and methodology will match their context, values, needs and preferences. Each business coach will differ in these areas, and compatibility is vital to your success. Take a look at our What We Do page to find out what to expect when you hire a Planned Ascent business coach. If you like what you read, book your introductory call to discuss how we can work together.


In this blog, we have considered a coaching relationship whose focus is a business as a whole. In the next entry, we will explain how business coaching can also address individual areas of focus. 

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