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Our Mission

To equip you to grow your business.


Growing a business is a heroic endeavour: it takes huge amounts of courage, energy and resilience with no certainty of reward.

To succeed, business owners and leaders need an incredible range of skills, insights, methods and resources. Some you will possess or be able to access yourselves, others maybe not.

Planned Ascent exists to help entrepreneurs, businesses and society prosper: by equipping you and your team to create sustainable growth and ultimately to achieve the outcomes you want.

We won’t have all the answers in every case. Which is why we blend business and executive coaching with consulting and where appropriate, connections with trusted others to provide effective support that is tailor-made to your context, needs and preferences.



Three core values guide our decisions and actions in every aspect of our work:



Being clear with ourselves and others creates the opportunity for informed choice.


Whatever we choose to do, we do it wholeheartedly


We are true to ourselves and each other.

Founder's Story

Planned Ascent

Planned Ascent was founded by Tim Cornell, whose leadership story includes chapters in marketing, media, data analytics and creative services. He has also been a tech entrepreneur, equity investor and a Board Director of several consulting businesses providing professional services to predominantly corporate clients in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

As an entrepreneur, Tim has travelled the entire journey from business start-up, funding, expansion into multiple territories and ultimately the sale of a retail technology business. He will, at the slightest provocation, entertain you with stories of the many learning curves he climbed along the way in Europe, North America and Asia!

As a business and executive coach, Tim has worked with business owners, current and next-generation leaders in diverse businesses and sectors including consumer technology, media, advertising, marcomms, online, financial services, vehicle repair services and outsourcing, up to and including C-suite roles in FTSE-100 companies.

Prior to founding Planned Ascent, Tim was as a Partner in a consulting and coaching firm. This followed three years as COO of a human insights consultancy, where he was responsible for ensuring the business had the scalable infrastructure, tools, processes and controls to leverage cloud-based solutions and meet the demands of corporate clients in multiple territories.

Previous career experience includes membership of the UK and Ireland leadership team at Dunnhumby, the customer-insights consultancy behind the Tesco Clubcard. Tim also spent ten years on the board of a marketing services agency.

These varied experiences have given Tim a particular interest in supporting business owners and leaders to shift from a primarily operational focus on their businesses, towards a more strategic one that understands and develops a business as an asset. This change in perspective very often releases new energy in entrepreneurs who want to envision a route to sustained growth and come to realise that they have many choices beyond simply growing the P&L to accelerate their progress.

They have also shown Tim that to grow any business sustainably to a successful conclusion needs a vast array of skills, insights, methods and resources, as well as a healthy dose of luck! This explains why Tim has developed Planned Ascent to offer its clients a tailor-made blend of business coaching, consulting and where appropriate, connections to trusted others who may possess the particular skills or insights a business needs at a given moment. 

Tim is an Accredited Coach with the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office, holds an internationally accredited diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching (AoEC) and is a Master Practitioner in NLP. He is married to a French wife, speaks fluent French and has two children.     

Tim’s specialism is supporting established B2B and B2C service businesses.

CPD Accreditation

CPD Accreditation

The founder of Planned Ascent, Tim Cornell, is an accredited coach with the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Standards Office. This means that the delivery, structure and content of his coaching has been subject to rigorous independent assessment and confirmed as meeting the standards required by leading employers, institutes and regulators. Furthermore, it means that Tim can issue certificates to employees who have invested time in any of his coaching sessions (including business coaching, executive coaching and team or leadership coaching), which will earn them points towards their personal development goals in programmes run by these various bodies.

The 'Planned Ascent' ™

Our Logo

The ‘Planned Ascent’ ™ is much more than a logo - it also reflects our methodology. It represents the unique path that we each build and follow to achieve the outcomes we want, and the pieces of the puzzle that we need to collect and deploy to do that successfully.

It prompts us to consider the options offered by different paths, our choices and their consequences, and where we and others are on our chosen paths at any given moment.

The ‘Planned Ascent’ ™ also suggests an elevated viewpoint from which we can better anticipate and put into context the experiences, challenges and opportunities that arise along the way.

From here we can take more balanced decisions about the unique blend of business coaching, consulting and connections with others that will equip each business and team to respond with speed, agility and resilience - maintaining and accelerating their progress towards their chosen summit.

The Planned Ascent was designed by Tony Aiello - a member of our Trusted Circle.

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